Youth Work for Rehabilitation of Young People Affected by War and Armed Conflict | OPEN CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS


Youth Work for Rehabilitation of Young People Affected by War and Armed Conflict 

Project goals are:

  • To promote space for sharing practices of youth work with young people affected by war and armed conflicts;
  • – To enable transformation and change, leading to improvements and new approaches, in proportion to the context of each organisation.
  • – To improve the capacity of 9 organisations working with young people in the field of youth work with young people affected by war;
  • – To equip the representatives of 9 partner organisations of the project with the tools and methods for rehabilitation of young people;
  • – To promote rehabilitation of young people affected by war through building capacities of partnering organisations and conducting local initiatives in 9 communities and developing tools of youth work;
  • – To promote peace work through youth work activities with young people affected with war and armed conflict.

Cooperation Partnership in Youth: what is about? 

The project is a Cooperation Partnership in Youth – Erasmus+ Programme, this mean you have to participate to the project in collaboration and contact with one of the following partners:

  • Youth Peace Ambassadors Network France Rhône-Alpes Thonon les bains
  • Peace Up! – Verein für Friedenspädagogik und gewaltfreier Konflikttransformati on Germany BAYERN München
  • Asociación de librepensadores de la sierra (LPS) Spain Los Molinos
  • Local Peace Kosovo Leposavic
  • Fundacja Help.NGO Polska Poland Pomorskie Gda?sk

Your local organisation will endorse your application and will support you for the implementation of local activities. 


  1. Seminar, Torino, Italy, 2nd- 7th April (arrival April 1st-Departure April 8th)-24 participants
  2. Training, France, Arrival May 25th- Departure June 1st – 27th participants 
  3. Summer 2023- Implementation of educational activities in your local context with young people affected by war 
  4. Working Session on the Development of a final toolkit of the project August 31st – September 3 – Germany Pozdam
  5.  Final Conference of the Project- March 2024- Ukraine 

When and how to apply

Please fill the following form by March, 8

Profile of Participants 

We are looking for Youth Workers with past or present experience in working with young people affected by war 

  • who is living in one of these countries: Italy, Poland, Germany, Spain, France, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kossovo (you don’t need to hold passport of those countries, you need to live there);
  • active or interested in the field of peace education and youth work;
  • Youth workers or youth leaders that work with youth affected by war or armed conflict in their communities;
  • people active as trainers or educators in non–formal education, especially within youth organizations and associations;
  • young people who believe in peaceful changes in their communities are passionate about issues facing their community;
  • able to communicate in English (this the language of the trainings);
  • ready to commit to take part in most of the activities of this project & to run local workshop that will be a follow-up of the learning activities.


The learning activities will be based on the principles of non-formal education.

We will implement the basic elements of the non-formal education, such as the education being voluntary, organized with educational objectives, participatory and learner-centered, about learning life skills and preparing for active citizenship, based on involving both individual and group learning with a collective approach, holistic and process-oriented, as well as based on experience and action (we will plan the follow-up activities) and starts from the needs of the participants.

Basically is a peer-to-peer (you teach & learn from others) approach 🙂


Training costs and accommodation are provided by the project.

Travel will be reimbursed according to the distance band between the siege of your local organisation and the venue of the training.

  • For travel distances between 100 and 499 KM: 180 EUR per participant
  • For travel distances between 500 and 1999 KM: 275 EUR per participant
  • For travel distances between 2000 and 2999 KM: 360 EUR per participant
  • For travel distances between 3000 and 3999 KM: 530 EUR per participant


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